DIP 50.000

Inlet connection: DN 1000 ISO-F
Outlet connection: DN 160 ISO-K
Pumping speed (N₂): 50000 l/s
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DIP 50.000

The pumps in the DIP series are high-vacuum pumps (<10-2 mbar). They are always operated in conjunction with forevacuum pumps. The DIP series pumps are water cooled and utilize the oil diffusion principle in their operation. They are employed in high-vacuum technology to evacuate vacuum chambers. They achieve their highest pumping speeds in pressure ranges from 10-2 to 10-7 mbar.

The diffusion pumps in the DIP series comprise the following component assemblies:

  • Water-cooled pump housing with high-vacuum, and forevacuum connection flanges
  • Nozzle assembly
  • Vaporization chamber with heating elements
  • Cold cap baffle
  • Forevacuum baffle
  • Energy Efficiency Control or electrical junction box


Nozzle system

The DIP pumps are fitted with a four-stage nozzle system made of light-alloy metal and with an internal heating system comprising heating cartridges and mounting wells to which heat diffusion fins are soldered. The mounting wells are made of stainless steel and are welded vacuum-tight in the pump body, in a horizontal position.

The housing for the DIP pump is made of standard grade steel; the high-vacuum connection flange and the forevacuum connection are made of stainless steel (alloy 1.4301), the cooling coils of copper, and the cold cap baffle of nickel-plated copper.


Heat diffusion fins

The heat diffusion fins are made of copper and are only partially immersed in the pump fluid in the vaporization chamber.

The section of the heat diffusion fins immersed in the pump fluid is dimensioned so that that intense but surge-free vaporization of the pump fluid is achieved.

The sections of the heat dissipation fins located above the level of the pump fluid apply additional energy to the pumping vapor.



To protect the heating element, a thermostat sensor is attached to a heat diffusion fin which protrudes from the fluid; this will switch off the pump’s heaters as soon as the temperature set at the safety thermostat is exceeded.

The sensor has to be installed into the system control by the customer so that it will safely switch off the power.


Heating cartridges

The heating cartridges can be easily replaced when required. It is not necessary to dismantle the pump to do so.


Cold cap baffle

To prevent fluid from flowing back into the vacuum vessel, the DIP series pumps are fitted with a water-cooled cold cap baffle in the area of the intake port.

A water-cooled forevacuum baffle located on the forevacuum side effectively prevents fluid being swept into the forevacuum unit.


Technical Data
DIP 50,000
High-vacuum connection DN 1,000 ISO-F
Forevacuum connection DN 160 ISO-K
Pumping speed for
hydrogen <10-4 mbar
air1) <1 · 10-4 mbar

l · s-1
l · s-1

Working range mbar <10-2 - <10-7
Ultimate total pressure 2) mbar <5 · 10-7
Max. permissible forevacuum pressure mbar 6 · 10-2
Pump fluid fill, min./max. l 15 / 25
Line power supply 5)
Standard, 50/60 Hz
Special, 50/60 Hz


(± 10 %) 230/400 ~ 3 Ph Δ/Y
460 ~ 3 Ph Δ
Heating power kW 24
Heating cartridges   24
Warm-up period min <30
Coolant (minimum)
for the pump 3)
for the cold cap baffle

l · h-1
l · h-1

Number of cooling circuits
(including cold cap baffle)
Coolant connection
Cold cap baffle


Weight, approx. kg 560
Recom. forevacuum pumps 4)
at working pressures >10-4
at working pressures <10-4


SV 630 + W 2001
SV 300 + W 501


1) Measured as per DIN 28 427 using LVO 500 normal as the pump fluid.
2) Measured as per DIN 28 427 using LVO 500 normal as the pump fluid. When using the LVO 520 pump fluid and FPM (fluoroelastomer) gaskets, the DIP pumps with water-cooled baffles will achieve pressures below 1·10-7 mbar following suitable bake-out procedures.
3) The coolant water volume is referenced to ΔT = 10 K. The discharge temperature should not exceed 50 °C.
4) Single- and two-stage rotary vane pumps (TRIVAC; SV) from our line of forevacuum pumps in conjunction with roots pumps (RUVAC) in pumping systems.
5) The EEC is connected both with a load voltage, and a control voltage (of 24V ±15%, 50/60Hz, 50VA, 6A or 230V ±15 % 1 ph). Both voltages will be disconnected safely from the mains via the EPO / main switch.

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