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The PHOENIX MOBILIS is not only a robust but also a reliable leak detector. Especially designed to be easy to use for a fast and effective response, it combines all the advantages you need.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy to use - Due to its light weight, PHOENIX MOBILIS can be operated with one hand. It features a clear display with backlight for easy reading of results as well as an intuitive keypad. PHOENIX MOBILIS provides for reliable and repeatable measurements, and storage of your readings on the device.

  • Highly sensitive - PHOENIX MOBILIS enables a fast and effective detection of almost any gas/gas mixture and is particularly accurate to ammonia, helium or hydrogen amongst others. Maximum Sensitivity is provided through small internal flow rates.

  • Clear leak indication - PHOENIX MOBILIS features an audible alarm of 90dBA at 10 cm and a flashing display.

  • Immediately ready - When switched on, PHOENIX MOBILIS automatically zeros to the ambient surrounding air.

  • Inexpensive to operate - For both consumables and parts.

  • High flexibility - Due to its small size, PHOENIX MOBILIS can be easily used in places that are difficult to reach. It allows for a wide choice of readings in cc/sec,g/ yr, mg/m³.

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