Part number: 800100V0004
Mains connection: 24 V DC - 1,5 A - 36 W
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The TURBO.CONTROL i serves to control and monitor a TURBOVAC i/iX turbomolecular pump. Only one pump can be controlled and monitored. The 24 VDC voltage supply can be provided by a plug power supply with round plug. The power supply unit is available as an accessory. The TURBO.CONTROL i has two communication channels (RS 485 & USB) to the pump control and provides the possibility of attaching two measuring gauges. Connect a remote computer via the integrated Ethernet port to the web server of the TURBO.CONTROL i. Then use the installed internet browser to control and monitor the pump. The recorded data can be displayed and evaluated by means of the external Tool DataViewer. The TURBO.CONTROL i contains a battery (button cell) for data buffering, and can be installed in a rack or be mounted in a table housing provided for it. The table housing is available as an accessory.

Functions of TURBO.CONTROL i

■ Observe TURBOVAC i(X) during operation
■ Pump start / stop / activate standby speed / error reset
■ Show parameters on the main screen (nominal speed, current, bearing temperature, pressure values)
■ Show warning and error memory with description
■ Read and write parameters
■ Set functions of the interface X1
■ Set functions of the 24-VDC accessory connections X201, X202, X203
■ Activate TURBOVAC i(X) depending on pressure
■ Attach laptop and operate TURBOVAC i(X) via web server
■ View logged data in real-time
■ Read out logging memory and analyse with DataViewer PC tool
■ Read out parameter set and error memory of the TURBOVAC i(X) with a PC

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