CVS160 - 2XSV65B FF

Part number: 504310V050
Nom. Pumping speed (50 Hz): 118 m3/h
Number of pumps: 2
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CVS160 - 2XSV65B FF

SOGEVAC Central Vacuum Stations cover the demands of numerous small vacuum consumers, increasing the availability of the vacuum service. They provide the essential performance and reliability to succeed under challenging production conditions.
CVS are plug and play solutions, typically consisting of up to 3 SOGEVAC pumps, buffer vessel, manual or electropneumatic valve, dust filter at the pump inlet, pressure gauge and controller, electrical cabinet with controller and all connecting components. These modular systems can be provided with 1 to 3 pumps depending on the process requirements. They prevent from oil emissions and noise in the production area, providing better working conditions.

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