ISO-KF Right angle valve, electromagnetically operated

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ISO-KF Right angle valve, electromagnetically operated

Valves from the ISO-KF range are especially suited to high-vacuum applications such as pump systems, semiconductor technology and research systems. Their rugged and intelligent valve design guarantees a high degree of impermeability and particulate resistance.

User benefits

  • Ideal for remote control on vacuum units

  • Convenient process monitoring through an LED position indicator for valve open, valve closed and valve error states

  • High process efficiency thanks to very short opening and closing times

  • High degree of safety thanks to a normally closed design

  • Maximum flexibility: any orientation and flow direction is possible

  • Low operating temperature

Casing material

  • Aluminum construction

  • Stainless steel construction


Exceptional quality and extended service life

The LEYCON valve program

Leybold vacuum valves are a byword for exceptional quality. Our LEYCON valves have a proven track record in both research and industry, ensuring reliability and dependability across all processes. See for yourself how our flexible solutions can meet and exceed your requirements.
With over 50 years’ experience in the field, Leybold is a guarantee of long service life and trouble-free operation. Trust in the quality and reliability of our vacuum systems and see how much time and money you will save. Leybold valves will match your expectations – and then some.
All valve types are available in a range of variants pertaining to casing material and drive type. In the case of drive types, a distinction is made between manual and pneumatic drives, and electropneumatic and electromagnetic drives.

The product range

The LEYCON valve program includes

  • Micro valves (small valves), bellows-sealed

  • Right-angle and straight-through valves, bellows-sealed, with nominal diameters DN 16 to DN 50 with ISO-KF flanges

  • Right-angle valves, bellows-sealed, with nominal diameters DN 63 to DN 250 with ISO-K flanges

  • Gate valves in ISO-KF, ISO-F and ISO-CF variants

  • Special valves for specific applications


User benefits

  • Compact, lightweight construction

  • Integral leak rate < 10-8 mbar l/s

  • Extremely low vibration levels

  • Lubricant-free wetted area due to FPM sealing

  • Operating range up to 2000 mbar

  • Very high conductance

  • Principal dimensions are compatible with Leybold flange components of the same nominal diameter

  • Reliable operation in any orientation

  • Valves can be operated at various supply voltages

  • Optical and electrical position indicators are integrated in many valve variants

  • Pilot valve available for many variants

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